Alliance for the Common Good

Advancing the common good, promoting the politics of virtue, and the politics of duty in the Philippines.

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Critical to the success of both people and their nation are the values they adopt.

System Change

Let's not be part of the problems, be part of the solutions. Let's not be part of the questions, be part of the answers.

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Latest News

  • Oct


    Charter only requires a quorum, not mace

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 14, 2020 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   The House of Representatives, pursuant to its rule-making power, has its own internal rules… Read More

  • Sep


    Church should speak out vs social ills

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 4, 2020 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   With all the social ills besetting our country, the Catholic Church must speak out.… Read More

  • Sep


    Corruption and the bank secrecy law

      By: Norman Cabrera, September 2, 2020. On Sept. 9, 1955, Republic Act No. 1405, otherwise known as An Act Prohibiting Disclosure of or Inquiry into Deposits with… Read More