Code of Conduct

  1. Lead an exemplary and consistent ethic of life;
  2. Preach in word and deed the principles enumerated in Sections 1 to 9 of Article II of the Party’s Constitution as well as its Political Platform;
  3. Faithfully support and defend the Party’s Constitution and By-Laws, and its candidates;
  4. Promote the politics of virtue and of duty;
  5. Teach by way of personal example good manners and right conduct;
  6. Participate in nationwide character formation campaign
  7. Recruit new members of the Party;
  8. Be prepared to suffer personal inconvenience or discomfort for the common good and for the principles and objectives of the Party;
  9. Promote inter-faith cooperation and brotherhood for the common good;
  10. Participate in Party building through the payment of voluntary contributions and to respond to calls for action and/or political support by the Council;
  11. Comply with duly promulgated decisions and by the rule of the majority; and
  12. Pursue the duties of membership with fervor, zeal and enthusiasm.


What is a code of conduct? A code of conduct is simply a set of principles and expectations that guide the behavior of all those who belong to a particular organization. Every organization needs to have a code of conduct for its members. A code of conduct is not just a set of rules. It is a document that conveys values and principles. It should not only give you the employee specific direction in uncertain situations, but should be a clear, unequivocal moral statement of an organization’s values of right and wrong. – GLOBAL ETHICS SOLUTIONS


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