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Ramon Magsaysay, the 7th President of the Philippines, is a man “known as the Man of the Masses, who commanded the admiration, respect and affection of people because of his simple and humble nature, and who cared for all people as individuals and believed in their dignity and importance.”

“Early in his first year as President, Ramon Magsaysay was able to formulate his vision and ideals as president in a compact Credo…In its simple elegance, the Magsaysay Credo spells out his memorable ideas and ideals of leadership, citizenship, and democratic governance—in relation to society, the nation, and the world.” —from “Ramon Magsaysay: Servant Leader with a Vision of Hope” by Jose Veloso Abueva

“President Ramon Magsaysay (30 December 1953 – 17 March 1957) possessed virtues that we ardently seek in our leaders…He was convinced that for a government to last and for it to be sound, it must have integrity and reflect the will of the people. When the faith of the people in government was at its lowest ebb, it was President Magsaysay’s sincerity and authentic public service that restored the people’s confidence in government. The Magsaysay Credo, consisting of the 10 principles and beliefs upon which his philosophy of service was anchored, has special relevance during these times when many present leaders have lost their moral compass and have become impervious to the crying needs of our people.” – Passport to a New Philippines by Kapatiran Party founded by Nandy Pacheco



DIYOS muna, bago ang bayan; BAYAN muna, bago ang pamilya; PAMILYA muna, bago ang sarili.




Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay,
Para sa sarili lamang.
Walang sinuman ang namamatay
Para sa sarili lamang.






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