News / July 23, 2012

Another stand

Reginald B. Tamayo
National Council Member, Kapatiran Party


By: Reginald B. Tamayo, Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 23, 2012.

Nandy Pacheco, founder of Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP), recently phoned me and our talk lasted for almost half an hour. He sounded sad and disappointed, but there was no indication he was giving up. He said that AKP will still be a major political party to reckon with because it is the only party that has a clear platform of government. He lamented the fact that for the nth time, AKP keeps on presenting itself as an alternative political party, but our people are apparently oblivious to it.

“Brother Nandy” as I fondly call him, is known as a fiery speaker.  Hence, during our phone talk, I did not butt in as he deluged me with his sentiments on the goings-on in the political landscape.

He said that many of our politicians nowadays vying for political posts in 2013 are busy aligning themselves to other major political parties to ensure their victory in next year’s polls. He also said that it saddened him that seemingly these politicians consider political platforms as secondary to a more important goal, which is winning elections. It is not surprising then that no well-known politician has openly declared that he is interested to join AKP despite its clear and definite platform of government as contained in its booklet “Passport to a New Philippines.” These politicians’ primary aim is to win, not to draw attention to political platforms, Brother Nandy said.

Truth be told: In one of the meetings of the AKP executive board, we almost gave in to the temptation of allowing JC de los Reyes, our presidential bet in the 2010 elections, to join other political parties. We felt that JC has a winning edge to become the first AKP senator. And if he wins, he will open the door to other AKP would-be national and local legislators and thereafter start rebuilding the nation according to the blueprint of AKP.

Brother Nandy stood his moral ground and vehemently opposed the idea of AKP coalescing with other political parties. He said that he cannot in conscience prejudice the AKP founding principles just to win a Senate seat. AKP will field a complete senatorial slate in the 2013 elections, even if this means an uphill climb for the party. It will again present itself to the people as an alternative political party. At the end of the day, it is the people who will have the final say and ultimately it will be God’s will which will reign, Brother Nandy said.

I felt a twinge of guilt after our talk. Never in any of my articles published in the Inquirer did I use the name of AKP. I feel proud of this party, and I stand side by side with its founder.