News / February 16, 2013

Bishop to endorse 3 bets of Ang Kapatiran party

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles


Philippine Star, February 16, 2013.

MANILA, Philippines – Batangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles disclosed that he would endorse the three senatorial candidates of Ang Kapatiran party for the May 13 elections.

Arguelles said he would support Kapatiran senatorial bets John Carlos de los Reyes, lawyer Marwil Llasos, and sociologist-environmentalist Rizalito David.

They are the only ones who are committed to promote what is good and true and godly. They stand not for self-interest but for the total good of all. In short they are not trapos (traditional politicians), he said.

He said that if the voters would choose wisely and consider the future of their children, they would vote for the Kapatiran candidates.

De los Reyes ran for president but lost in the 2010 elections, while David was a defeated senatorial bet in the same polls.

If the people would be convinced to vote for the good of their children and future generations, these good people will win handily. If we continue to destroy our country and future, the corrupt, the promoters of foreign interests, and the traitors will win with the cooperation of the paid media and hopeless citizenry. If we believe in the good, they are the right leaders for the right people (because) they would not sell their rights, the future and their souls, Arguelles added.