News / September 4, 2020

Church should speak out vs social ills

Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 4, 2020
National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo


With all the social ills besetting our country, the Catholic Church must speak out. Those who think the Church should not get involved against these social evils miss the Church’s teaching on prophetic criticism. The Church is the conscience of the State. When the State leads a wicked social life, the Church, its conscience, cannot afford to become scared and silent. The Church is the State’s “best” critic.

The Church is called not only to speak out against the ills of society, but also to instruct the faithful on what to do when confronted with such, in the light of the Gospel values and teachings of the Church. The Church is called to share the Gospel values to all and to shape society when it is not following the path consistent with these values.

Finally, when the Church speaks out, it may choose not to side with the prevailing winds of popular opinion, since the Church is never called to popularity but to faithfulness.

The Church can never be silent about these social evils. When it becomes silent, it ceases to be the real Church. The Church remains to be the voice of God, and this is the true essence of the Church that Jesus founded.


Marikina City