News / July 19, 2019

Don’t kill the children

Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 19, 2019
National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo


This refers to the editorial “Shitty sorry” (7/9/19). Three-year-old Myka Ulpina is the latest victim of police shootings in the government’s campaign against illegal drugs. It’s a most unfortunate incident;  people are distraught and angry over the killing of this innocent child as “collateral damage.” How can we pin our hopes on our children as would-be leaders of this nation if we kill them young?

Killing innocent children as victims of this drug war is sheer cruelty.  Imagine the psychological impact on their parents, their untold grief and anger in relation to their personal loss.

The late Nelson Mandela was fondly called by children “Tata,” which means father.  He was called such, and rightly so, because he had a great love for the children of South Africa.  This was eloquently expressed when he once said: “The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children.”


Marikina City