News / January 16, 2020

Erosion of civility

Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 16, 2020
National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo


Let me add my voice to those who feel enraged when unscrupulous individuals threw stones and damaged the windshield of one of the fire trucks of the Marikina Filipino-Chinese Fire Brigade Volunteer, which was on its way to distribute relief goods to affected areas in Batangas following the eruption of Taal Volcano.

The volunteers had no choice but to go back to Marikina City and change their vehicle, which was carrying provisions for the evacuees and victims of the volcanic eruption. The reprehensible act of the hooligans and lawbreakers delayed the much-needed timely delivery and distribution of the relief goods.

The vicious and harmful stone-throwing act is an indication of the erosion of civility in our society. A law should be passed penalizing those who throw stones and other items, such as used diapers and plastic bags containing urine or feces, at moving vehicles. Only in an uncivilized society that displays apathy and callousness is such behavior condoned.

Assistant City Council Secretary