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  • Sep


    Corruption and the bank secrecy law

      By: Norman Cabrera, September 2, 2020. On Sept. 9, 1955, Republic Act No. 1405, otherwise known as An Act Prohibiting Disclosure of or Inquiry into Deposits with… Read More

  • Jan


    Erosion of civility

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 16, 2020 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   Let me add my voice to those who feel enraged when unscrupulous individuals threw… Read More

  • Dec


    A Christmas prayer for our nation

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, December 26, 2019 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   Merciful and forgiving God, we pray for our country, the Philippines. Forgive our sins… Read More

  • Aug


    RIP. Gina Lopez

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, August 20, 2019 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   Former environment secretary Gina Lopez understood the environmental issues besetting our country. Her passion… Read More

  • Jul


    Don’t kill the children

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 19, 2019 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   This refers to the editorial “Shitty sorry” (7/9/19). Three-year-old Myka Ulpina is the latest… Read More

  • Nov


    How about Operation Good Shepherd

    Opinion, Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 10, 2016 National Council Member, Reginald B. Tamayo   We are a wounded society that needs healing. The extrajudicial killings are just an… Read More

  • Oct


    Kapatiran calls for boycott of 2016 elections

      By: Neil Alcober, The Manila Times, October 26, 2015. CHURCH-based political party Ang Kapatiran (The Brotherhood) has called on the voting public to boycott the 2016 elections… Read More

  • Dec


    Media urged to join drive for gun control

      By: Jerome Aning, Philippine Daily Inquirer, December 27, 2013. MANILA, Philippines—A political party on Thursday called on media companies, organizations and practitioners to join the campaign for… Read More

  • May


    Fighting windmills

    By: Conrado de Quiros, Philippine Daily Iquirer, May 06, 2013.   Rizalito who? Marwil who? JC who? That’s the likely reaction of most Filipino voters to those names.… Read More

  • May


    The way to go for PH politics

      By: Dr. Antonio J. Montalvan, Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 6, 2013. Ang Kapatiran is the only political party with a solid party ideology. Read more... Read More