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National Council (L-R): Reginald Tamayo, Raffy Perfecto,
Nandy Pacheco, Fred Pascual, JC de los Reyes, Atty Jose Jose,
Ed Cuenca, Norman Cabrera, Ting Enriquez








Politics, the pursuit of common good, political parties and people’s participation
play crucial roles in building the kind of nation we want to have.


Article 1, Section 2 (Party Ideology) of Kapatiran Party’s Constitution and By-Laws states:
“Common Good — the whole network of social conditions which enable human
individuals and groups to flourish and live a fully, genuinely human life,
otherwise described as “integral human development.”


The role of the youth in nation-building occupies a central place.
Youth are building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that the stronger the youth,
the more developed the nation can be.



Kapatiran Party believes in you (the youth) and
in what you can do. Now, not when. And there’s no other who.




This video tells the story of the founder of Kapatiran Party
and the indefatigable and unsinkable spirit of both.



In 2010, a few simple people, with big hearts and dreams, stepped up to the plate.
Despite their loss in the election, Kapatiran Party continues with its mission
for the Filipino people. This video is in honor of its late comrades.



Watch Atty Tony Oposa articulate, from a human perspective, the principle of
Care for God’s Creation – one of 10 founding principles of Kapatiran Party
that should serve to test public posture and policies, and even
our individual actions, on the environment. In simplifying what
could otherwise be a complex matter, Atty Oposa
challenges us to choose – Money or Life.


Open Pit Mining Documentary


Kapatiran Party denounces renewed campaign to push for legalization
of abortion in the Philippines. Uphold right to life, uphold women’s right!!!


This prayer reflects Kapatiran Party’s
hope and aspirations for the nation.


What is code of conduct?

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