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Membership.  Membership to the Party is open to all regardless of religion and economic & social status in life provided that he/she embraces ALL that the Party stands for.  The Platform and Declaration of Principles of Kapatiran Party, should NOT be treated as smorgasbord.  All Kapatiran Party candidates and its members are “one for all and all for one.”


Duties of Members.  Party members shall have the following duties:

  1. Lead an exemplary and consistent ethic of life;
  2. Preach in word and deed the principles of the Party as well as its Political Platform;
  3. Faithfully support and defend the Party’s Constitution and By-Laws, and its candidates;
  4. Promote the politics of virtue and of duty;
  5. Teach by way of personal example good manners and right conduct;
  6. Participate in nationwide character formation campaign;
  7. Recruit new members of the Party;
  8. Be prepared to suffer personal inconvenience or discomfort for the common good and for the principles and objectives of the Party;
  9. Promote inter-faith cooperation and brotherhood for the common good;
  10. Participate in Party building through the payment of voluntary contributions and to respond to calls for action and/or political support by the Council;
  11. Comply with duly promulgated decisions and by the rule of the majority; and
  12. Pursue the duties of membership with fervor, zeal and enthusiasm.


Rights and Privileges of Members.

  1. Participate in the noble task of helping bring about social transformation and political renewal through the Party;
  2. Be considered as a Party candidate for any elective office;
  3. Be considered for appointment to a public office;
  4. Be considered for appointment to serve the Party; and
  5. Be informed of and participate in activities which are proper to the member’s role in the Party.




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