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The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has a prescribed form for registering a chapter, which requires at least the signature of ten (10) voter-KP members within a barangay or municipality/city.  The accomplished form may be submitted to the local COMELEC office in your municipality/city.  There is no processing needed except for COMELEC to stamp or acknowledge the form “received.”  Please follow other instructions in the form.

Download COMELEC’s Chapter Registration Form



  1. Convene the members of the chapter and form a Council through an election of officers, namely, chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer.
  2. Host/conduct seminars, fora and other activities in the barangay or city/municipality for the purpose of increasing public awareness on the Party utilizing AKP materials.
  3. Recruit members.
  4. Create committees and elect/appoint committee chairmen.



    1. Chairman – He/she acts as Chief Administrator of the Party unit and presides over all meeting of the unit, sign documents in behalf of the unit, represent the unit in ceremonies and functions, and perform other duties assigned to him/her by the unit.
    2. Vice-Chairman – He/she assists the Chairman in administering the Party unit. In case of incapacity, resignation, or death of the Chairman, he/she shall serve as Chairman for the unexpired term.  He/she shall perform other duties assigned to him by the unit.
    3. Secretary – He/she keeps the records of the Party unit. Including all minutes, and a copy of the membership roster of the unit. He/she shall report regularly to the next higher Party unit the minutes of the meeting and the current membership roster, and shall perform other duties assigned to him by the unit.
    4. Treasurer – He/she is the custodian of funds and other properties of the Party. Together with the Chairman, he/she shall disburse the funds of the Party unit.
    5. Committee Chairman – The functions of the Committee Chairman of all Party units are similar to those of the National Committee.
      • Recruitment Committee – shall responsible for the over-all recruitment program of the Party subject to guidelines set by the National Executive Committee. It shall evaluate membership performance and recommend to the National   Executive Committee recruitment policies as well as programs for growth and development for the general membership.
      • Education Committee – shall institute an Education and Training Program for all Party members in collaboration with the National Education Committee. It shall give special emphasis on character building, values formation based on the Party’s Declaration of Principles, consistent ethic of life, good citizenship and basic political education.
      • Finance Committee – shall formulate and establish the overall financial program of the Party under the direction of the National Executive Committee. The local Party units may engage in fund-raising activities in accordance with guidelines to be issued by the National Executive Committee.  It shall be responsible for raising Party funds to support official candidates of the Party as well as Party projects and activities.  It shall collect dues and other assessments.  It shall prepare and submit periodic financial reports to the National Executive Committee.
      • Social Action Committee – shall establish a community service program. It shall be responsible for strategic intervention through special activities such as liaising with the national government, conducting medical-dental and other community services, assisting in job placements, livelihood projects, promoting skills development, providing scholarship programs, initiate and promote socio-economic programs to assist Party members and their communities toward self-reliance and self-sufficiency.
      • Committee on Youth and Sectoral Organizations – shall harness the talents and energies of the youth and other sectoral organizations towards Party growth and nation building.
      • Public Information Committee –shall be the Party’s liaison with the national and foreign mass media. Its chairman shall be the Party Spokesperson.  It shall be responsible for the mass propaganda line of the Party.  It shall cause the publication and circulation of the Party organ.
      • Legal Affairs Committee – shall provide legal services to all Party members. The National Executive Committee may authorize the creation of local legal units.
      • Grievance & Arbitration Committee – shall resolve conflicts among Party members with a view to promoting harmony in the Party. Decisions of the Committee shall be appealed to the National Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.
      • Research & Documentation Committee – shall conduct studies and surveys; prepare Party materials, documents, Party activities under the direction of the National Executive Committee.
      • Electoral Committee – shall take charge of organizing the Party’s electoral machinery, formulating campaign strategies and tactics, and identifying potential leaders. The National Electoral Committee shall take charge of the Party Campaign Institute. The Party Campaign Institute shall be tasked to formulate training programs for prospective Party candidates in preparations for future electoral exercises.

 All officers and committee chairmen of the Party units shall constitute an Executive Committee to administer the day-to-day operations of the Party unit.  They may designate an auditor from among the unit’s membership.

All officers and committee chairmen of local Party units shall serve for a term of two years (2) years from the date of their election and/or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified.

All officers of local party units may be recalled from their posts at any time by two-thirds vote of all members in that unit in a general assembly set for such purpose.




Barangay Council – composed of the members of the chapter in a barangay, from which group the barangay council chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer are elected.

Municipal/City Council – composed of the barangay council chairmen and any KP municipality/city elected official within the municipality/city, from which group the municipality/city council chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer are elected.

Provincial Council – composed of the municipality/city council chairmen and any KP provincial elected official within the province, from which group are elected the provincial chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer.

Regional Council – composed of the provincial council chairmen, from which group are elected the regional chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer.

National Council – composed of regional council chairmen and any KP national elected official, from which group the National Executive Committee members are elected, namely, Chairman, Vice Chairman, President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General and National Treasurer.




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